How to show your most recent Google+ update

Google+ is Google’s Social Networking Platform. Today’s Snack will show you how to display your most recent Google Plus update on your WordPress site.

Add this code below to your current WordPress theme’s template file where you want the Google+ update to show. An example could be your sidebar.php file.

 * Show most recent Google+ Update
 * @author
 * @link
	$googleplus = fetch_feed(""); 
	echo '<a href="';
	echo $googleplus->items[0]['link']; echo '">';
	echo $googleplus->items[0]['summary'];
	echo '';

Just be sure to replace Your_Google+_ID_Here with your Google Plus ID number.

Be sure to replace Put_Adsense_Code_Here with your Adsense generated Ad code. Then just put [Adsense] anywhere in your content that you would like to display that Adsense Ad. Hope this helps, enjoy!

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